"I bought your Power Nuggets in a package with the rope toy when I was in Seattle last month at Pike Place Market. When I finally returned home, Martin was nuts about his new treats! They are the perfect size for him, and even though I've only been back for a week, he already recognizes the sound of the lid coming off the container....and comes running over! Martin is pretty aggressive with his toys (let's put it this way: his big fluffy zebra that had 5 squeakers in it now has no squeakers, no fluff, and no eyes) and he can't quite figure out how to dismantle the rope toy. He loves to carry it around and play tug of war, and of course he is very happy that it's his favourite colour. Thanks Adventure Days! Martin can't wait to run out of treats so that he can try a new flavour."
- Steph Rogers, Edmonton, AB, Canada


"My name is Frenchie, I am a very spoiled toy poodle, what mommy likes to call a spoiledoodle, I love life, I love mommy and I also love good food! So when mommy went to pike place market today and got me these yummy treats I got real happy and excited! These healthy treats are very yummy and mommy was happy to discover that I like them since I am a very picky girl... So thank you very much for making these great treats, I know I'll be sending mommy to get me more of them!"
- Yours waggingly, Frenchie.


"We LOVE your dog treats! Your nuggets are the perfect size for training in our various activities like agility, obedience, water rescue, and cart pulling. Cooper salivates when he hears the container open and devours them with gusto. They also fit perfectly in some of his stuff-able toys! He is particularly fond of the Veggie Nuggets. Your treats offer us a healthy option in a bite sized crunch!"
- Tegan & Cooper, Bellingham Washington


"Adventure Days' all natural homemade treats are phenomenal! I love them cuz they're 100% natural and healthy for my 3 yr old Amstaff. He loves them cuz they taste great! (I know I've tried them :)"
- Dr. Jared Kohler

Poncho & Duke

"I just want to thank you for making such healthy treats for my dogs. Poncho is my Lab/Chow mix and he goes crazy for them. He is 14 years old and he will come running every time if he knows I have some. Duke my husky will do anything for them, including pretending to be calm:)  I love them because they are all natural and I can feel good about giving them to my dogs and not worry about any preservatives or crazy ingredients.  Thanks so much."  
- A. Searle from Palm Bay Florida

Josie & Jasmine

"The girls love your treats - they'd probably do backflips for them! Thanks again." 
- Nyco, Mountlake Terrace, Washington


"We love Adventure Days treats because they are made with all natural ingredients making them a great addition to your dogs daily diet. They come in several yummy flavors. I give my border collie Kona (who’s plagued with notoriously stinky breath) the “breath nuggets“. She LOVES them! (as you can see)…" 
- J. Pisano from Newport, Rhode Island

Elwood & Bella

"Thank you for making a product that is not only healthy, but works great for training as well. Elwood & Bella go crazy for your treats and can hardly sit still when I walk towards the pantry where we keep them. We will be back again soon!"
- J. Prier from Dallas, Texas

14 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I purchased one of your Nylon Rope Tugs from the Edmonds Market last summer for my Lab-Poodle mix. Peanut is addicted to it, and it has become her favorite thing, along with chasing squirrels and taking a walk.
    A great side effect is how clean her teeth and gums have become.
    Thanks for helping to make her one happy pup.

    Jack Sullivan
    Edmonds, WA

  2. Thank you, my dogs are very happy with these treats! I picked up the Peanut Butter Nuggets from Pike Place Market , along with the large toy. Needless to say, my labs absolutely love both products! The pitbull loves the snacks, but he isnt much of a toy pooch. I cant wait for them to finish off this bag and see what they’ll think of the fruit nuggets next. Thank you for making such great products. Best of luck with your business!

    Arlington, WA

  3. My mom was at the Edmonds Farmers Market with my aunt and saw the recycled rope monkey-fist tug. She immediately thought of her 2 malamulte granddogs and bought one to bring home to them. Let me tell you with 2 malamutes that generally destroy any toy within minutes of getting them let me tell you these rope toys are the best. It’s been a week now of nonstop playing and it’s tell in one piece and not at all destroyed. Magoo, who is almost two, takes it everywhere with him. I highly recommend these toys. Plan on ordering more or asking my aunt to go to the market to get more. They are wonderful…..thank you for providing a strong toy.

    Spokane, WA

  4. My Weim is on a very restricted diet and the ingredients in the nuggets are just fine for Astro. He likes them very much and enjoys the crunchiness!!! I will continue to buy and yes, they will make excellent gifts for my dog-lover friends.

  5. I bought a 1′ Short Leash at Pike Place Market to use when walking our Lab, Annie. Annie’s trainer recommended a short leash when she was a pup but I never found one I like. Annie’s always been a bit head strong and can get easily distracted on a walk so a short leash always works best with her. I love this leash. I now use this leash when taking Annie to the vet or to the groomer or the boarding kennel or the pet store. I especially like how durable the leash is. The 1′ is short for my husband so I am ordering a 2′ today for him to use. Thank you for making this leash!

  6. Our Boston Terrier, Haole…LOVES his Calming treats! He is high energy (that’s the BT in him 🙂 and so we thought the calming treats would be best. He loves these treats and waits in the kitchen each night for his two treats that we give him before bed. Perfect size and crunchy so it helps with his teeth! Definitely will be ordering more!

    1. P.S. You should set up shop at the Issaquah Farmers Market!!

  7. My PitBull loves your treats ,he has a limited amount of treats that he can eat because of his food allergies which makes them that more awesome for us. I also thought it was so cool to actually meet the person that hand makes these awesome treats . I definitely want to order more!

    -Leigh &Lord Voldemort.
    From the lone star state.

    1. Thanks so much Leigh! We love meeting our customers and are so glad your pup loves the treats 🙂

  8. I bought your Peanut Butter Nuggets for my dog at Pike Place Market, and I trust your product as a safe alternative to the treats I used to give him. Transparency with your product helped me decide on making the purchase. Thank you!

  9. We are from Florida, were in Seattle last week and bought your peanut butter treats for Maddie. She is a seven month old Golden Retriever and she LOVES those treats! You can expect lots of orders from us and Maddie says thank you for such great treats.

  10. I have 2 100+ pups (a Rottweiler mix and Bermese Mountain dog) they LOVE your rope toys! I dorm think there are enough words to praise for these toys, they are their absolute favorite. I live in Denver and haven’t found anything like them. i forgot to grab a card when I bought my first one and soooo glad to find you. My roommate and I plan on buying in bulk because they are incredible!! May need to buy leashes too if they are even a quarter of durable of the rope toys. Would love you to make a trip to Dog friendly Denver to one of the farmers markets!

  11. Mambo loves his fruit and breathe treats. He shakes in excitement when we mention treats 🙂 . We were visiting Seattle in 2013 from Florida and picked up some treats from him and since then this is all my boy eats treat wise. Thank You again.

    1. We’re so glad Mambo loves the treats! Happy dogs make a happy life 🙂 Thank you for the testimonial, we really appreciate it. We saw Mambo’s order come in and it will ship out tomorrow!! Thanks for finding us in Seattle all those years ago. We are now in Spokane, making the same delicious treats, but now with less traffic 🙂

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