Large Recycled Rope Monkey-Fist Tug


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These tugs are made from recycled rock climbing rope. Most are double braided nylon with a nylon or polyester core. These are a great, more durable toy than other single braided nylon tugs you may find at your local pet shop. As with all toys that can be dismantled we suggest you never leave your dog unattended while they are playing with it.

SIZE: Made from 1/2 inch recycled rock climbing rope this tug is approximately 13″ – 15″ long, the monkey-fist knot on the end is approximately 3″-4″ in diameter.

COLOR : Since these are a recycled item, we never really know what colors we are going to have. The photo is a representation of what we may have in stock. If you have a color preference, type it in the box and we’ll try our best to get that color to you.


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