Dog Leashes

All of our leashes are made from recycled, retired or repurposed rock climbing rope, just like our large tug toys. Each leash is hand made with lots of attention to strength and durability. The ends of the rope, by the clasp and the handle, are secured with hammered steel clamp fixtures and covered with a commercial grade heat shrink tubing. We make these leashes to be tough as well as beautiful and we stand by their durability 100%. If you ever have any trouble with the fixtures, shy of letting your dog chew threw them, just send the leash back to us and we’ll replace the parts.

Since the ropes used to make leashes are a recycled item, we never really know what colors we are going to have. We do our best to keep a good variety on hand, but may not have the exact color you are looking for. When purchasing a leash, please select a color preference and we will email you a photo of the colors we have that are closest to your preference.

Ask us about customized leashes

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