Will my dog like the treats?
We certainly hope so! We have had success with a lot of  “picky” dogs liking Adventure Days’ treats.  Because they are fresh and your pup can smell all of those natural and yummy ingredients, we think they will LOVE them.  If your dog is super picky, try holding a treat in your palm with your fingers closed around it, ask your pup if he/she wants a treat, or whatever your word you use for a yummy snack, and put your hand to their nose, but DON’T open your hand.  Let your pup really get engaged in what he/she is smelling, by the time you open your hand they will most likely want to gobble it up!

What size are the treats?
Treats are approximately ¾’’x ½’’, but keep in mind they are hand made, so there may be some slight variation in size.  We find this size is perfect for dogs of all sizes.  Some small and toy breeds may find the size a little big, depending on their chewing style.  If that is the case, we suggest breaking the treats into a couple of pieces for the tiny chewers.

Are the treats hard or soft?
All of Adventure Days’ treats are hard and deliciously crunchy.  We found that in order to make a soft style treat we had to add too many preservatives in order for a good shelf life.  So check the soft treats you are giving your pup to make sure they aren’t getting ingredients that aren’t good for them.

How long will they last?
Treats have a moisture content of between 6 – 7%, which is similar to nuts in the shell.  The shelf life is between 4 – 6 months at average room temperature, with the flavor and scent value decreasing after that.  Chances of them going “bad” are slight to non-existent. If you’d like to keep treats in the fridge they will last for 1 year or more.

How many treats come in a container?
There are 6 ounces of treats per container, which translates into about 60-70 individual treats per container.

Will treats be okay for my dog with allergies?
The reason we started making Adventure Days treats was BECAUSE of dogs with allergies and the limited variety of suitable, natural and fresh treats out there.  All of our treats are always grain free, they never contain any wheat, corn or soy. Additionally four of our flavors are animal protein free (vegan) for dogs with certain protein sensitivities.

First be aware of what your dog is allergic to, if you know that, you should be able to figure out by the individual list of ingredients on each treat if they will be suitable for your dog.  If you don’t see an option that works for your pup, given his/her allergies, please send us an email with your pup’s particular concerns and we’ll see what we can do.

How long will it take to get my order?
We are shipping from the West coast, and usually ship ground.  So, if you are located on the West coast or West of the Rockies usually about 2-4 business days,  central US, about 3-5 business days and Eastern US about 5-7 business days.  You can always upgrade your shipping if you would like to get it there faster.  You can also send us an email your timeframe and we’ll do our best to get your treats there when you need them.